10 Best Family Pups [INFOGRAPHIC]

Remember, if you find yourself short on funds and your pet is in need of medical attention, come see us for Personal Installment Loans.

It’s National Dog Day and if you’re looking for a pooch here’s an infographic of the best child-friendly breeds. Beagle FRIENDLY AND ENERGETIC Beagle’s are child-proof and love to hang out with people and other dogs. Bulldog TOUGH AND STURDY Bulldogs are great for a house or apartment. Bull Terrier STRONG AND MUSCULAR Bull Terriers […]

Until Gas Is Free – You Still Need to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

If your car needs some upgrades or a set of tires, you could apply for a Car Title Loan at CASH 1

If you’re driving in Nevada you can really add up the miles. The open dessert roads near Las Vegas and the Sierras in Northern Nevada are some pretty tough terrain and put a pounding on your gas mileage. Riding a bicycle is hardly an option and getting a hybrid or electric car simply isn’t affordable yet. […]

8 Super Advantages of Poor Credit Installment Loans

Here are eight advantages of poor credit installment loans.

Having poor credit or no credit at all doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan when you are in a tough financial situation. Installment loans are a short-term option you could consider. CASH 1 is an Installment Loan direct lender which means there is no middleman. In Arizona and Nevada we offer Title Installment Loans up […]

Need To Get A Loan Online? Avoid Online Scams

Avoiding Online Scams To Get A Loan Online

Thanks to the internet, scams are not only more elaborate and potentially costly, but they look as legitimate as any normal, legal business and they can scoop your money right out of your bank account before you even sign off. And while there is a constant effort on the part of internet service providers to […]

Need Extra Cash to Pay Your Water Bill? Personal Loans Could Help

CASH 1 Online Texas Payday Loans Water Bill

Living in Texas, you probably don’t need to be told there’s a drought in progress. In the last three years, rainfall in parts of Texas has been over thirty percent of normal, and this winter was especially dry. Many Texans are having to make the choice between keeping their lawns alive or saving what they […]

How to Get a Title Loan

Get your Title Loan questions answered: How Do Car Title Loans Work? What is a Title Loan? How Do Car Title Loans Work?

Getting approved for a CASH 1 Title Loan is a pretty convenient way to get the cash you need when money is tight. Usually getting a secured loan on your vehicle title only takes 15 to 30 minutes. If you’re needing to get cash from your car title you can avoid frustration and follow these steps […]

Summer Utility Blues? Short Term Loans Online Could Help

Summer Utility Blues in Texas? Short Term Loans Online Could Help

“Texas is always nice and cool in the summer time!” said no one ever. As much as we love the state, there can be no question what season it is when August rolls around. That means air conditioners will be firing up, if they haven’t already, and rising utility costs will probably force a lot […]

CASH 1 is Holding On-Site Interviews in Las Vegas

CASH 1 is Holding On-Site Interviews in Las Vegas.

CASH 1 is looking for individuals who will provide a continuously high level of customer service and professionalism in addition to demonstrating a personal commitment to high quality and accuracy. We will be interviewing on Wednesday, August 5th from 1:30pm-3:30pm at CASH 1 Loans Las Vegas. This store is located on 8450 W. Sahara Ave. in Las Vegas […]

Not Ready For School? Easy Personal Loans Could Help


  It’s hard to believe we’re already in the second half of summer and the kids will be heading back to school in a few weeks. By now you’ve probably taken a look at your children and noticed their pants are beginning to look like capris. We’re still waiting for the day when clothes that […]

Train Your Cat, Save Some Money

Train Your Cat, saving money is much better than having to take out small personal loans.

Recently we highlighted quite a few ways to save money, and we’re pleased to say the responses have been positive. We at CASH 1 think saving money is much better than having to take out a personal loan (you read that correctly; it’s part of what we mean by ‘responsible borrowing’), and even if you […]