How to stay out of debt

Credit card debt among American consumers continues to increase – so individuals would do best to be aware of the help they can receive when they’re in need of fast funds. The latest CardHub Credit Card Debt study found that Americans “fell off the wagon” during the fourth quarter of 2013, finishing the year with a $38.2 billion increase in net outstanding credit card debt. This comes after Americans improved their debt ratings in regards to credit card spending during six of the past seven quarters, according to the report. As compared to 2012, the debt recorded at the conclusion of 2013 represents an 8 percent increase “in the wrong direction.” The CardHub firm now anticipates that credit card debt among Americans will climb above $42 billion sometime during the year 2014. “Context is extremely important when it comes to evaluating credit card debt trends,” said Odysseas Papadimitriou, chief executive officer for CardHub. ”One could easily… Continue reading

retirement plan

Americans are struggling to save money – especially for their retirements. A recent study conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and reported on by USA Today found that 36 percent of workers have less than $1,000 on hand that they could put toward retirement. Roughly six out of 10 workers, additionally, have less than $25,000 put away in their retirement fund. The statistics regarding foresight are even worse: only 44 percent of all respondents claimed that either they or their spouses have worked to calculate how much money they’ll need to save in order to live comfortably during their retirement. This suggests that more than half of the American workforce has no idea what kind of savings are necessary in order to protect them in the future. The report notes that all people 40 years old and older would do well to save 20 percent of their annual income for retirement – but very few… Continue reading

title loans

When you need a cash advance, the speed at which you can obtain it is almost always a factor. People use loans to pay for pressing bills, medical expenses and other necessary expenses. When you need a cash loan – like the advances available to individuals at Cash 1 – you’re almost always in a rush to receive it. At Cash 1, we understand that, so we’ve built our business to ensure that individuals who need a loan from us are able to receive them in a matter of moments. When you apply for a loan at Cash 1, there’s very few steps separating you from the cash itself. Our team normally doesn’t even run credit checks on our applicants, which allows us to offer instant approvals. When you apply for a loan from Cash 1, you won’t have to navigate through a 10-step process – you’ll be able to get approved in a matter of moments.… Continue reading

Cost of buying a car

If you’re in need of extra cash, but have trouble getting a loan due to your credit, then you should consider the opportunities offered by the alternative lenders at Cash 1. If you have an automobile, you may find that the auto title loans offered to individuals in applicant states by our team provide the best chance you’ll have to even out your budget. Better yet, title loan requirements are very easy to meet at Cash 1. An auto title loan from Cash 1 can get you up to $50,000 by allowing you to use the title of your automobile as collateral. Title loan requirements are easy to meet at our offices: you normally don’t even need to submit to a traditional credit check. All you need to present is your vehicle, proof of regular income, a government issued I.D and the automobile title itself. Receiving a car or motorcycle title loan from our lenders… Continue reading

Various loan options by CASH 1

There are plenty of reasons that an individual may find themselves in desperate need of a cash advance. They could be hit with an unexpected medical bill. They may find themselves with high spending habits, and need to cover household necessities for the month. In some cases, individuals just want a little extra cash in their pocket, in case of emergency. At Cash 1, we understand that financial emergencies happen for any number of reasons – and so we offer a wide range of loans as a result. No matter your needs, the alternate lenders at our headquarters will have a solution that can help to fulfill them. Payday loans Cash 1 offers payday loans to individuals living in certain states – and they’ve never been easier to obtain. Payday loans are even offered to customers with bad credit every single day. If you can furnish an I.D. and proof of your current employment, and… Continue reading